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Welcome to Eaglenest Sanctuary Blog

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The time for construction and re-construction has reached completion.

It is now time to invite people to become acquainted with Eaglenest Sanctuary and enjoy its many amenities.

I’ve been busy taking pictures, uploading them to my website, starting the Facebook page for the Sanctuary, promoting it to my friends, and watching the “likes” come in.

Invaluable help came from Kata Polano, Maggi my partner, and Inanna my daughter.

Though I have been dreading the marketing of Eaglenest Sanctuary, it is turning out to be quite fun and enjoyable. I have been involved personally and professionally with computers since the beginning of Apple, so I feel I have an inherent drive towards technology. I believe it has the potential to democratize commerce, slowly taking away the power of big business and putting it in the hands of common people.

If Eaglenest Sanctuary were a part of a big chain of vacation rentals, in no time it would climb to the top of the roster. As it is, the Internet and social media can help me, a sole owner with very little extra capital, to promote the place.

Having lived on the property for more than 10 years, I have learned to enjoy so many facets of this jewel.

Just a few steps from the Sanctuary is old growth rainforest, where centennial trees create a stable environment in which nature can nurture the great bio-diversity needed for us to inhabit our earth for many generations to come.

Emerging in the fall is an immense variety of mushrooms that grow on the property, a few of them quite excellent to eat.

The sound and freshness of the Koksilah River is just a stone’s throw away from the deck of the Sanctuary.

The joy of a sauna on a rainy day, followed by a cold plunge in the river can boost your immune system to protect you from the viruses so common in some seasons.

Through this blog I wish to share with you the magical experiences that abound here, at Eaglenest Sanctuary, and invite you to enjoy this little piece of riverside paradise with us.

Thank you for reading.

Love and light,

Ezio Cusi

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  1. Querido Ezio y familia… muchas… pero muchas bendiciones por la Vida… la Vida que nos toca existir, aprender, purificar, comaprtir… y por sobre todas las cosas… ¡¡bendecir!!!…

    Namste hermano…

    Ram-Su.. desde Balcarce, Argentina…

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