11 benefits nature has on your health

When fall comes around, most people take to locking themselves inside and retreating into their homes until summer has returned. But even in the fall and winter, getting outside might just do you some good as spending time in nature…

New Eaglenest Sanctuary Map

The long awaited Eglenest Sanctuary Map!Eaglenest Sanctuary now has a map, where you can find the different paths, landmarks and amenities. See what you are missing… Love and light, Ezio Cusi

What a Summer !

This is the second summer that Eaglenest Sanctuary has been in operation. And what a summer it was,  both in occupancy and variety and quality of guests and type of events. There was one wedding, three bachelorette parties, one bachelor party, five…

Eagleneast Sanctuary Surprises

Spring is nearly over, Summer is near… …and Eaglenest Sanctuary evolves, instructs, creates and entertains. Winter was rich in possibilities and several project took off. A necessary security modification took place and thanks to Brian Edagar, from BE Home Service…

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