What a Summer !

IMG_5626 IMG_5400This is the second summer that Eaglenest Sanctuary has been in operation.

And what a summer it was,  both in occupancy and variety and quality of guests and type of events.

There was one wedding, three bachelorette parties, one bachelor party, five family vacation, four meditation workshops, one painting workshop, one Sacred Pregnancy workshop, three friends get together, a music festival and other assorted  functions.

Though the ‘Yew Tree Hot Tub’ was only operational in the middle of the summer, it became a favourite feature of Eaglenest Sanctuary crowd.

The weather was outstanding, which made the Koksilah river a treat for cooling down.

The berry rised beds provided blackberry, raspberrys, black and red currants,  thimbleberrys and many other berrys for breakfast and jam. The medicinal garden at the Sanctuary was bountiful, with peppermint, lemon balm, rosemary, sage, oregano and other culinary herbs providing a great harvest. Also, many medicinal herbs for tincture as well as a bumper crop of grapes. Unfortunately, two thirds of the crop was to go to an seasonally early gaze of racoons.

Now, fall is in the air. The rain has begun to refresh the rainforest, the mushroom season is in full bloom and the birds are stuffing themselves in rediness for the winter. And the Sanctuary is now host to many workshops. Time to introspect, to harvest the summer bounty.

More slowly, the rental space is filling.

Come stay with us and soak in the Yew Tree Hot Tub, do some yoga in the yoga rom, take a sauna and a cold shower, go for a small walk through the Sanctuary’s paths or be more active and go for a longer walk to the Kinsole Tressle and it’s many rainforest paths. Our rates are lower in this season. Time to come with your family and enjoy a weekend or extended weekend. We are waiting for you…

Take advantage of the winter special promotion: Stay three days, pay 2! Just mention this article when you make your reservation.



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