The Story

Eaglenest Sanctuary's Story


This is the story of Eaglenest Sanctuary.

Its creation, transformation, and rebirth.


To begin, Ezio shares his story of how he first arrived at Eaglenest:

“In 2001, while living in France with my family, we decided to move to North America. We sold our house and went to the US, bought an RV and travelled for a year, looking for a place to live. Our journey took us through the US, Mexico, Central America, and finally Canada. When we arrived in the Cowichan Valley, we realised that we had found home. When researching the necessary steps to immigrate to Canada, I came in contact with a poem by Goethe in which he states that to make your dreams reality, you have to take the first step and the universe will conspire to make them happen. So we decided to buy a house and, after an exhaustive search, we came upon Eaglenest. We fell in love with the house and especially the grounds. Amongst other things, I am a cabinetmaker, which inspired me to make many changes to the house in the last 10 years. In 2010 I started the construction of Eagleyew in a sub division of the original Eaglenest property. After 2 1/2 years, I moved to Eagleyew and started the renovations of Eaglenest to make it a vacation and workshop rental.”

While living in Eaglenest, Ezio held many different workshops and events on the land. Some of which included yoga, tantra, sweat lodges, meditations, taketina, medicine wheel seasonal ceremonies (equinox, solstice, etc), and more. Having past through these, which were very well received and formed great praise for the place, Ezio realised that he would love to share the space with even more people.

“Given the state of society today, it is important to have a place where you can explore yourself in the sanctity of nature, it is one of the best ways I can help others replenish and refresh in nature.”

When Ezio moved into Eagelyew, the transformation began. In the interest of sharing this sacred and beautiful place, Ezio started to renovate his beloved old home with an even more Zen-like atmosphere, and open it up to the public to retreat into nature and continue to hold meaningful events.

As of June 30th, the dining room now boasts natural clay plastered walls, while the living room has a freshly clay plastered ceiling. The stage in the back yard has received an overhaul, making it safer and even more beautiful. As more of the renovations happen they will be shared with you here, and in the gallery.

A guest book has also been created on this site for guests and participants to continue to tell the story of Eaglenest Sanctuary. It is hoped that many of you will feel called to submit a little story about your experience, and perhaps even share some images of your time spent rejuvenating at Eaglenest Sanctuary.

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Eagleyew has recently been featured in an interview by Exploring Alternatives who explores alternative ways of living. Ezio’s home, the second building on the property, is an all natural build that has extraordinary details based on sustainability. To learn the inner workings of Ezio’s naturally built home called Eagleyew click play!

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