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Hats Of To Eaglenest Sanctuary!

Dinning Room Over Candlelight
“You are warmly invited to a ‘hats off’ party at Eaglenest Sanctuary on December 7.  We will share food, dance, and spread loving vibes all ‘round so that Eaglenest will become a retreat of destination for years to come”. 

So the invitation began…


…and a lovely party it was.


This past weekend, I reserved Eaglenest Sanctuary for a party to remember. As they say on TV, it was to be ‘legendary’.


Hyperbole aside, Eaglenest Sanctuary is an ideal place for a party. Many of our friends joined us for a pot luck, dancing, drumming, singing and jamming session.


The Sanctuary was well prepared, with the living room warmed by the wood stove. It was a cozy meeting place for both eating and jamming. Several drums were set and people brought their guitars and other instruments for unforgettable singing and playing.


In-between songs, superb appies were served, starting with my signature Mexican guacamole – arguably, one of the best in America. The prawn with feta cheese were one of the best I have ever tasted. And the singing by one of our guests was moving and lively. The music was ‘flow’ at its best.


The house was decorated with candles and tea lights, which gave it a festive, soft, warm glow as can be seen in the pictures. And downstairs, dancing was open to anyone who was so inclined. The yoga room is a delightful dancing floor, including a central ‘fat’ dancing pole!


The smokers would drift out, to enjoy the cold, brisk night air, listening to the Koksilah river passing in front of the house. All in all, wish you were here.


The best part was that when people got tired and sleepy, they retired to their assigned bed, leaving the rest of us to enjoy the night away.


Ezio Cusi




Living Room Overlooking the Breakfast Room
Yoga Room, Perfect Dancing Floor

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