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Fall and Winter at Eaglenest Sanctuary, Micologists Delight!



This Fall and Winter brought a deluge of mushrooms to Eaglenest Sanctuary.


Both the edible and the just beautiful, mushrooms were abundant this year. Above, we can see a Lobster Mushroom, both beautiful and one of the best tasting you can find. Every year I get my annual supply of Lobster Mushroom in the middle of the fall.

But  to my taste, the Morel mushrooms are the greatest delicacy.

Every Spring they come to at least two places in the Sanctuary and sometimes three. Though it is not as abundant as the Lobster Mushroom, the yearly harvest is enough for a few delicious meals.DSC08808.JPG

 The Morels are excellent, both fresh and dry. I usually prepare a chicken/morel dish when fresh and then dry the rest and use them in soups, meat dishes and with asparagus.


 Other delicacies are Oyster Mushrooms…

IMG_8569And one of my favorite, Mat Jack Mushrooms.

 Why not come to Eaglenest Sanctuary this spring, to watch or pick Mushrooms, walk in the Rainforest, dip in the Hot Tub, take a sauna, practice Yoga or meditation or bring the family to enjoy the many amenities of Eaglenest Sanctuary.


We wait for you with open arms,

“Mi Casa Es Su Casa”!

Love and light,

        Ezio Cusi

Eaglenest Sanctuary

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