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Eagleneast Sanctuary Surprises

Spring is nearly over, Summer is near…

…and Eaglenest Sanctuary evolves, instructs, creates and entertains.

Winter was rich in possibilities and several project took off. A necessary security modification took place and thanks to Brian Edagar, from BE Home Service and his never-ending creativity, the steps from the berry garden to the stage were redone. You can see the results bellow:

Continuing with the work done in the Sanctuary, a welcome addition is a fully functioning hot tub! The problem was acute. We had to install a pump, a filter and heater that would transform the cold plunge already in existence in the beautiful deck overlooking the Koksilah river. We would have to also furnish 220 volt power, lighting and a warm, freeze proof shower.

Again with the help of BE Home Services and other electrical and plumbing services, we managed to succesfully complete the technical steps necessary for this, but do it in an artful way that blends and compliments the natural surroundings and style of Eaglenest Sanctuary.

First, the shower. It is made with a naturally fallen yew tree as the stand for the shower, with natural drainage and hot water actuated by a solenoid gizmo. Again Brian Edgar used his unlimited creativity as shown in the following pictures:


Last, but not least, we added a cover for the Hot Tub and connected the necessary plumbing, so that the hot tub will be hot, the water filtered and clean.


Now, imagine yourself in the fall and winter, drizzle is falling on you while you soak in hot water, listening to the Koksilah river and watching it flow down to the sea.

Though the rest of Spring and most of the Summer weekends are reserved, there is still unreserved space on a few weekdays and many weekends in September and thereafter.

The Sanctuary has had many varied activities, from Sacred Pregnancy to fun-filled Bachelorette parties to Meditation Retreats to Vacation Getaways with family and friends.

If you have not visited the Sanctuary, isn’t it time you did? and if you have, we are waiting for you again, to sample the new and exciting adventures that await you in the great Vancouver Island rainforest.

Love and light,


Ezio Cusi




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