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Celebration time for Eaglenest Sanctuary!

Activity at Eaglenest Sanctuary has been very lively this summer.

As more people are introduced to the loveliness of the Sanctuary, more activities have taken place. We have had different groups staying with us. Several families and extended families have taken their summer vacation. Not only have they enjoyed the gardens, decks and walks around the  15 acres of pristine rainforest, but they have also availed themselves the short walk to the magnificent Kinsol trestle, one of the most visited tourist attraction in the Cowichan Valley. Our guests have had time to visit the many enjoyable attractions such as vineyards, beaches, parks and of course, Shawnigan lake.

Some came on weekends, some on extended weekends and others for a week or more. Family life was the most mentioned reason for staying with us. But we also had a bachelorette gathering and a work crew. They all took advantage of the fully stacked kitchen, the three social rooms, the beautiful dinning room, the two swimming holes on the Koksilah river and even the beautiful outdoor stage.

But the crown in the head of this summer activities was a lovely  “Initiation Into Oneness”


 Initiation into Oneness

http://www.darshanphotography.com/wedding-photos/2014/09/kira-edward-shawnigan-lake-wedding-photography/   (address of incredible photographers who documented the Initiation)


Shortly after the party, we had a unique event:” Initiation Into Oneness, The Sacred Marriage”.

An extended family gathered to witness the coming together of two beautiful souls. More than thirty people stayed at the Sanctuary and more than eighty people participated in the to Initiation.

It was a festive event in which a Midsummer Nights Dream met Lord of the Rings. The event consisted of a beautiful ceremony in which the couple exchanged vows, then  we all toasted to their happiness and wellbeing, followed by a superb BBQ salmon  dinner, live music and well wishing and finally, all night dancing!

People gathered for the ceremony
People gathered for the ceremony
People gather around the stage for the ceremony
Music, fairies, genies and magicians congratulate the couple
A great variety of refreshments were served
A great variety of refreshments were served

The many options Eaglenest Sanctuary offers make it one of the best vacation and workshop venues in the the Cowichan Valley and Vancouver Island.

Please give me your comments and suggestions to improve both my blog and Eaglenest Sanctuary.

Love and light to all,


Ezio Cusi

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